Almost 120 years of history

The Średzka Kolej Powiatowa (Środa District Railway) came into being in 1902. Initially it consisted of a combined standard gauge and metre gauge system. The section to Zaniemysl opened in 1910, and there was a number of other branches. In the 1950s the whole system was converted to 750 mm gauge.

By 1989 only the Środa - Zaniemyśl section survived, which was quoted as being some 14 km long. Certainly until 1999 the line remained entirely steam worked, with passenger trains typically consisting of a Px48, two "traditional" coaches and a luggage/brake van.

When freight had to be moved a standard gauge coal wagon on "1435mm Transporters" was added to form a mixed train. The line was threatened with closure in 1996, but was reprieved following intervention by the local authority. In October 1996 Px48-1920 was delivered newly overhauled from Pila works. (driving permission expired in 2003)

By 1999 a Lyd1 diesel locomotive had arrived, but it hasn't worked properly on the route. Rumours had circulated for many years that Romanian rail-cars were to be introduced, and in 2000 at least one of these replaced steam. Regular passenger services ceased on 8 June 2001 when railcar MBxd2-229 operated trains 7727 (Środa - Zaniemyśl) and 7728 (Zaniemyśl - Środa) after which driver closed the shed doors for the last time.

Since 2003, after the two-year break, trains came back (thanks Środa County and novadays - "Bana"- The Friends of Środa Railway Assosiation). In the summer season from Środa Miasto to Zaniemyśl on Sundays the train runs consisting of green passenger cars and special tourist cars without windows. Train is run by a historic steam locomotive Px48-1756. Tourists traveling by rail gauge can admire the landscape with wildlife, as well as fields and meadows.